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Favorite ESL Books for Spanish Speakers

I teach English as a Second Language classes in the state of Texas in the United States. Most of my students are adult Spanish speakers from Mexico. I have a classroom library of books that my students can borrow. I also use these books when I prepare my lessons. Below are the books I use most often and that I recommend. If you click on any of the books below, you'll be taken to amazon.com where you can read more about them and order them if you wish.

Libros favoritos inglés como segundo idioma para hispanohablantes

Enseño clases de Inglés como Segundo Idioma en el estado de Texas en los Estados Unidos. La mayoría de mis alumnos son adultos hablantes de español de México. Tengo una biblioteca de aula de los libros que mis estudiantes pueden tomar prestado. También utilizo estos libros, cuando me preparo mis clases. A continuación se presentan los libros que utilizan con más frecuencia y que recomiendo. Si hace clic en cualquiera de los libros de abajo, usted será llevado a amazon.com donde se puede leer más acerca de ellos y ordenar si lo desea.


Dana Robert Schwartz said...

I'm trying to start an ESL language program in the Coffee Zone of Colombia but it's very strange here. Many have studied basic English for year yet can't speak due to the political situation which doesn't encourage English as a Second Language. More the majority are interested but don't have money and more, the custom here is to obtain meaningless certificates or fulfill a new bilingualism requirement. I majored in business admin / history and not English, yet am wondering how best to divide my time in teaching English? Teaching students privately is easier and pays better yet there are less students versus group classes which are difficult to form. Given the circumstances and the region (where most are poor and the rich are cheap), which type of classes are best to offer? I have a friend whose an ESL teacher in Korea and he makes good money working for a private center, but I'm interested in working independently. My friend recommends only teaching Conversational-style classes either privately or small groups, is he correct? I wish to teach poor students yet don't have the space to accommodate more than 6-8 students so won't be able to maximize profit from giving large classes, and more, forming groups appears to be difficult as students expect to be given on a semester basis, yet it's difficult to start a class as one must wait until there are at least 6 or more, otherwise you can't charge a low rate yet still make a hourly rate! Thus, apart from the teaching of ESL, how does one go about starting an ESL center?? Mine has been open for 1 month and while each day we receive 1-2 inquiries, we've still been unable to form a group training? Have any suggestions on how to start an ESL center in a third world country such as Colombia, S.A.??? Thanks, my email is drs10son@sbcglobal.net

nancy john said...

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Christine said...

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sara said...

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